Robert Literman

The Brief Story

Hello everyone! My name is Bob Literman and I'm a Ph.D. candidate here at Iowa State University. I'm going to be studying Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination (TSD) at ISU in the Valenzuela lab.

I was born in Buffalo, NY and always had an inherent interest in all things cold-blooded. During my undergraduate work, I became interested in TSD after a chance addition of Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularis, pictured) to my herpeological collection. After that, TSD went from hobby, to interest, to passion, eventually taking me all over the world.

Baby and Ivy

My Trip So Far

Undergraduate Work (2003-2007): SUNY Geneseo, Rochester NY

La Suerte Biological Field Reserve (Summer 2006): La Suerte, Costa Rica

-Tropical Herpetology Course

Reserach Studentship (Fall-Winter 2007) : Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

-Studying TSD in the Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus)

Tufts University (2008-2009) : Boston, MA

-Studying the differentiation capability of adult dental pulp stem cells

Iowa State University (2009 - ) : Ames, IA

-Studying the molecular machinery controlling the different mechanisms of temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles

I'll try and keep the site updated as things move forward. Thanks for checking in!